Is Agile Still Relevant?
Is Agile Still Relevant?

Lately, there is a lot of criticism on social media about agile being irrelevant. Many authors and some agile manifesto signatories are speaking out against the popular methodology. If delved deep down the better answer would be that it is overused but misunderstood word.

Is agile a methodology or a philosophy?

Reading through the many debates around agile you may find a lot of confusion as something common. Many consider it to be a software development methodology and is often used synonymously with scrum while others see it as a philosophy that encourages collaborations, small iterations, and continuous improvement. Many software companies in UAE considering this as a methodology.

Although originally envisioned as a way to help software companies in Dubai code more efficiently, many concepts are now being adopted by other business settings. And much of it is working well for many organizations.

Many concepts often promoted as agile such as automated testing, iterative development, collaboration with customers and continuous improvement all has existed a long time ago. But employing agile as an umbrella term to describe such techniques serves as a suitable way to categorize them as methods one can use to develop high-quality code efficiently.

Many more agile software development companies are seeing positive results with agile methodologies such as scrum as they move from traditional waterfall approaches to what have become more popular methodologies. Even those who argue that the agile methodology is dead must admit that many of the methodologies that have been linked with it are still thriving.

The Manifesto is meant for Small Teams

Although the values adopted in the Manifesto is suitable for small teams, they don’t often scale well. Large custom software development in Dubai requires more elaborate planning, processes, tools, and documentation than regular small projects. Although these might not need heaps of documentation like traditional waterfall projects, but they do need more than what can fit on a whiteboard and sticky notes.

Stop Complaining and Start Improvising

A cardinal principle of agile is to adapt and evolve continuously. So, rather than complaining about the flaws and weaknesses of agile and endlessly engaging on “ is agile dead” debates why not suggest improvements? If you have suggestions for improvements join hands and help create Agile Manifesto 2.0.