Agile Software Development and its Benefits
Agile Software Development and its Benefits

The term ‘Agile’ has been creating a lot of buzz since it first appeared in the IT world. It’s actually a method aimed at increasing business values. The method applies to all forms of software development – from web applications to websites, delivering codes of excellent quality consistently. 

Projects going over budget are quite common in the IT world. It has been a challenge for years to keep complex projects under the budget while having a deep understanding of the goals, its values, and expectations. The introduction of agile software development addressed these challenges, in turn becoming more adopted for software development projects. 

Benefits of Agile development

Makes costs predictable

The development is done in multiple sprints of fixed durations. This makes cost proportional to the work done in under the time box of each sprint. Analyzing this with the budget estimates provided to the business before development, will make it easier to estimate the cost of each feature of the project. This effectively abates decision-making regarding the need for more iterations and prioritizing features.

Engage with stakeholders and build trust

Before, during and after every sprint, Agile provides opportunities for the team to collaborate with stakeholders. This makes it easier for the team to understand the company’s vision and their expectations with the project. The team’s success in delivering codes on time also increases the client’s trust.

Make changes faster

Each iteration requires the team to deliver the agreed upon product features. However, they still have the opportunity to refine the product and improvise, while choosing to tend to backlogs in the next iteration. This way they will also be able to make desirable changes in the next iteration while tending to the backlogs. 

On-time delivery

Because of sprints with fixed schedules and durations, new features can be added, additional changes can be made, and still deliver the product on-time. The delivery time can be estimated while in the midst of development itself, allowing the team to plan the beta test.

Improved quality

Agile development basically guarantees improved quality, as it breaks down a project into multiple manageable units. This way, the team can focus more on the quality during both development and testing. Each iteration is reviewed separately. So defects will be quickly identified and taken care of. 

To summarize, Agile development is a powerful technique beneficial not only to the development but also the stakeholders. It minimizes not only the common predicaments the development team can experience but also the overall cost associated with the project. Agile is a more business-focused method compared to conventional development methods. There are many Agile Software Development Companies are here in the industry, by accessing them you can utilize the benefits of  this kind of software development.