Lean Development Model Vs. Agile Development Model
Lean Development Model Vs. Agile Development Model

Lean Model

Lean is one of the efficient practices that believes in the flow of value to the client through non-stop improvements and significance for the customer. It optimizes the accessible resources to create a steady workflow keeping the customer’s demand at its core. The Lean Model was used for the first time in 1915 by Henry Ford in the Highland Park factory of the Ford Motor Company. This centers on production based on demand, not on supply.

Benefits of Lean Model

Let’s now have a look at the benefits of using a lean model.

·         Better product quality

·         More employee satisfaction

·         Improved visibility to stakeholders

·         Expected delivery of customer value

·         Efficient business processes

Agile Model

Agile is a distinguished development methodology and the best tactic for many development teams, especially those looking to create a constant delivery environment. It centres on iterative development, short cycles, receiving feedback, and familiarising to the new requirements. Solutions advance through interactions amid self-organizing cross-functional teams of software companies in Dubai

Benefits of Agile Model


·         Enhanced customer satisfaction

·         Fast development and delivery

·         More prominence on end users

·         Close interaction between business and development team

·         Late and additional changes are permissible


What makes Agile Development Model differ from Lean Development Model?


Agile is more attentive on uninterrupted delivery through self-organizing cross-functional teams.

Lean is focused on course of value to the client.

  Agile software development Company is every time adaptive to modification.   

  Lean is about steady workflow and meeting the client’s demands.

 Agile is designed using various frameworks such as scrum, kanban, etc.

 Lean is designed using changes from manufacturing procedures.

  Agile was launched in 2001 and was designed by 17 software makers.

  The Lean Model was initially used in 1915, by Henry Ford in the Ford Motor Company’s Highland Park factory.

   Agile comprises 12 principles and 4 values. 

   Lean has 7 principles.

    Agile provides products in a dynamic manner in small fragments rather than whole products at once. Lean is used to improve both the quality of the product and the delivery speed.

  Agile cannot be used to cut expenses.

  Lean can be used to cut expenses.

Agile is cooler to use for dynamic requirement fluctuations arising in software company in Dubai.

Lean is not flexible when the requirements are altered.

 Agile considers in end results through replies and feedbacks.

Lean follows an organized plan for development by excluding unnecessary things like meetings, records, etc.

    It is a combined co-operation between teams and end users. It gives importance on maximizing customer value and growing efficiency.