5 Top Predictions For Cloud Computing in 2020
5 Top Predictions For Cloud Computing in 2020

Cloud computing has evolved tremendously improvements in the last few years. Many companies have already shifted their operations to cloud. Here are 5 top predictions for cloud computing for 2020. 

  1. Augmented Storage Capacity and Security: Due to high volume generation of data, enterprises find it difficult to store it with security. With so many companies moving to cloud technologies, it is anticipated that the companies providing enterprise cloud computing solutions will provide more data centers with low price tags. Moreover the cloud providers will be equipped with security measures safeguarding data from any potential security breach. 
  2. Modular Software will take Predominance: The complexity of an independent software is increasing along with its size. This means    cloud technology will soon move to advanced system thinking. Software development will see changes in future applications with storage space extended to other spaces other than cloud. This will also have a positive impact on the cost side.
  3. Impact of IoT with Cloud Computing: IoT (Internet of Things) is the ‘in thing’ in technology as it comes with steady innovation in real time data analytics and cloud computing. This can be speed up by the help of cloud computing.
  4. Reduced Cost: If cloud computing will continue to develop at this pace the use of hardware will be reduced immensely, as most of the work will be shifted to the cloud and virtualization. The cost to set up software by breaking up will lead to lesser use of hardware. As the technical evolution continues the data in the cloud storage will get analyzed with the artificial intelligence with no human interference.
  5. Advancements in Cloud Services: Recent studies have proved that cloud computing will be the future technology as the software service solutions will comprise 60% of the workload. It is also been expected that the platform as a service and infrastructure as a service will improve slowly as it been in use in most IT Services Companies in Dubai. Cloud computing is user friendly and is easy to use and in consonant with the new as well as old organizational software structure. Cloud computing is powerful and comprehensive and will continue to grow in the future and provide huge return on investments. The future of cloud technologies is positive and will be helpful to both host and customer.