API VS SDK: An Evaluation
API VS SDK: An Evaluation

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development kits (SDK) have overlapping features and many confuse one for the other. Knowing the difference between API and SDK and its functionalities can help one decide the one which will be required for the project. 

What is an API?

Application programming interface consist of a set of functions and procedures that use the features or data from an operating system or application. Using an API allows developers to add distinctive functionalities to their applications and thereby speeding the software development services in Dubai. Server-to Server or client to server and component-to-component are two types of API’s. 

What is an SDK?

SDK or software development kit is a set of software tools and programs used by programmers that enable programming of mobile technologies. This set of tools can be categorized into 

  • SDK’s for programming or operating system environment (iOS, Android etc.)  
  • Application maintenance SDKs
  • Marketing and advertising SDKs

When to use SDK and API?

SDK’s are used by developers while building an application. Besides, SDK’s are designed specifically for platforms like Android SDK or Azure SDK.

An API is used for interacting with external applications/or platforms by means of various methods and protocols. For example, to integrate a .NET application with a specific Azure service, a web API or .NET libraries can be used.

Concluding, when developing software application, an SDK is always used. When communication with other applications are essential, API integration will be used, which at times can be part of SDK.