Application Management with the Cloud
Application Management with the Cloud

In the new IT infrastructure introduced by the cloud, applications would behave differently compared to how they were in their legacy environments. The highlight is that the cloud can make this operational paradigm shift completely worth it with enhanced performance. 

However, enterprises considering cloud technologies still seem to be concerned on the security implications of moving sensitive data onto third-party hardware across multiple locations. Another common concern is the risk of complications arising when static methodologies are transitioned to dynamic cloud platforms. 

Where applications dwell in the cloud

In a traditional setting, the application will have to access data that could be stored at a different location via network connections. A middleware and various other tools may be involved and the operating system will be playing a role as well. The connections and the resources would be local to each other, generally on premise. This infrastructure, obviously, has limitations which the cloud doesn’t. This is one of the many reasons why companies are adopting cloud for enterprise application services

Cloud-facing apps would always be ready to access the needed resources at a given time regardless of the location. 

What is expected from application management?

Application management can be complex in dynamic environments such as the cloud as the organization will have to balance conflicting priorities and limited resources. Seeking assistance from a reputed application management services company can make a difference – from cutting costs to triggering accelerated growth for the business. 

Customized solutions that fit into the infrastructure well while aligned with the business’ goals is one of the most practiced approaches. If you require external help when it comes to application management, make sure the service includes:

  • Application maintenance & monitoring
  • Production support
  • Technology and process transformation services
  • Customer-centric application performance management solutions

It’s not difficult to find good cloud service vendors that offer the aforementioned services in their packages on top of other benefits.