Conquer the Top 5 Challenges in Enterprise Application Development
Conquer the Top 5 Challenges in Enterprise Application Development

Developing an Enterprise Application is a painstaking job. It requires accuracy, vision and expertise. The challenges are aplenty but it is important to be attentive towards them to get it right.

1 Varying Requirements and Settings

A business environment can change tremendously, at times overnight. Or there can be business disruptions. The route that a company pursues might alter owing to feedback and analysis. Simply put it means new workflows and conditions should be executed. At rare instances, there can be a merger or acquisition. 

In such cases, it all becomes a gargantuan task integrating the two systems into a single Enterprise Application. Enterprise applications are complex and altering a single requirement might unexpectedly affect some other requirement. It’s hardly possible to predict many such changes, however having a flexible and scalable architecture becomes essential.

2 Moving Mobile 

Enterprise application services are shifting to mobile. The global market for enterprise mobility is expected to reach US $ 200 billion coming years. Mobility and cloud-computing move faster than desktop applications and your company might lose relevancy if you don’t move with the change. 

The impending challenge is to make the shift to mobile easy by including key functions on the mobile platform, without rolling out a heavy mobile application. A lot of testing is needed to get the layout and fields right so that everything blends with the mobile format easily.

3 Data Security

Security is key factor for your enterprise application. It begins with controlling and monitoring user access and safeguarding the resources of the application. Controlling user access implies restricting the access of certain features to select and authorized users. A strong firewall and encryption is a primary need at the application, host and network level.

Enterprise data is sacrosanct to a company. Always use a competent security software by a reputed software development company in Dubai to make sure all sensitive data is protected. 

Software must be frequently updated with the latest security updates to prevent any data breaches.  


Why should only consumer applications have sleeker interfaces, why not Enterprise Applications. The relevance of a beautifully designed, comfortable user-interface should never be brushed away as it can result in increased engagement, ultimately pulling out more value from the software.

Including small additional details to the application while developing software in UAE can bring in bigger results in terms of employee satisfaction and productivity.

5 Time and Money 

Enterprise application development can be a time-consuming process if not for the right approach. At times, it can take a month on, the worse a couple of months at some cases. 

Including and integrating various components of a company takes time. To save time modular architecture is the go-to solution. It basically uses pre-made blocks of code (with ready-made functionalities) and linked together based on the customized as per the need of the organisation. Thus, saving time and money.