Scrum Demystified - Why it is Awesome?
Scrum Demystified - Why it is Awesome?

Scrum is one of the most popular agile project management framework used for software development. Although teams of all kinds use scrum, it is a favourite among software development companies in Dubai due to a few reasons. 

Change is inevitable for software development teams in Dubai. Requirements change, goals change, circumstances change. Scrum embraces these changes in its entirety. In scrum, product is built-in series of small iterations called ‘sprints’ where the project is broken down to small chunks thus making complex projects more manageable. The project can be delivered at the same time giving space for flexibility and adaptability. 

The advantage of scrum is that the transparency and iterative framework enables teams to solve many problems faced in waterfall model of software development. Moreover it also reduces risks and costs, gets valuable feedback from users at each steps.

Also mile stones achieved at the end of each sprint gives teams a sense of regular and tangible process. Thus helping them stay focused and energetic. 

Scrum Implementation

Start-up Phase

This is the easiest way to roll out a simple and practical scrum implementation. You will be starting with a clean slate and there will be no legacy issues to be dealt with.

To start with you will have to bring together a team with a product owner, a team of qualifies developers and a scrum master. There are instances in which product owner and scrum master is one but it is ideal to have two different individuals as the product owner and scrum master. 

Next would be listing down the backlog items in order of priority. Backlog items basically is a list of to-do items which is owned by the product owner but anyone has the liberty to make additions to it. 

Story boarding can used to work on user stories. Prioritize the backlog according to user stories. Workflow tools can be used to capture user stories as well as project management and these can be linked to continuous development and integration activities. If possible try to incorporate automation for CD and CI activities including daily builds, unit tests and regression tests.

Growth Phase:

With the backlogs in place determine the goal of the sprint. Review each item on the log and decide on which of them should be moved to the sprint backlog. A collaborative and cohesive workspace is essential for scrum. Choose either co-location or pair programming that best suits you and your team.

It is also essential to have a daily stand up not necessarily an hour long one but short ones. This brings regularity and helps team maintain transparency and communication. Thereby helping the team to coordinate on the spring goal and reach the PO’s definition of completed.

Moreover constant iteration helps the team to reach a definition of done in every sprint and thereby the final product. 

Sprint review, will be beneficial for your product to reach the final goal and incorporate changes obtained through effective feedback.  

Agile is a set of values and principles and hence it requires significant cultural change. Software companies cannot shift to be agile software development companies.

It requires a lot more changes in the way you think as well as work.