Five Reasons to Use SharePoint Framework in Your Company
Five Reasons to Use SharePoint Framework in Your Company

To begin with, let us say that Microsoft SharePoint is complicated, and it requires a lot of effort, but it adds a lot of value if used correctly. Over time, Microsoft has brought in many changes to the existing framework that has since then helped many realize the true potential of SharePoint. While planning to integrate SharePoint with ASP.Net MVC lookout for an ASP.NET MVC web development company that can guide you through the process rather than resorting to any DIY projects.

Here are 5 reasons to use SharePoint framework in your company.

  1. Organizations small and large are connected via an intranet today. So, to customize the capabilities for Intranet, where highly your company‚Äôs valuable information is stored, you need to ensure that the customization works effectively and efficiently and in a secure manner. 
  2. You can also use the existing SharePoint Add-in model to develop the corresponding customization. By granting only SharePoint Add-in a limited set of permissions, you can be sure that the customization can access only the required information.
  3. The existing SharePoint Framework Web parts work as a part of the modern page and works along with the other web parts. Therefore, it also belongs to its DOM and a single web part could, at least in theory could modify the content of another part belonging to another webpage.
  4. SharePoint frameworks are cent percent based on the client-side and runs on a browser. For added security, with SharePoint development services, you can make it difficult to read your JavaScript code, however, the code can still be loaded in the browser. On instances where you want to safely guard your IP, you can use solutions that use server-side code such as provider-hosted add-ins.
  5. We are aware that taking up long-running operations, like provisioning and configuring SharePoint sites, on the client-side can be a bad idea. This can take things out of control. If you have built the UX using the latest SharePoint framework, it can be implemented swiftly in the long-running operation as an Azure Web Job or Function. Thus, any issue pertaining to the browser will not influence the long-running operation, which can later be used to scale independently once the solution you provide needs more power to function. In cases where you want to zealously protect your IP, choose solutions that use server-side code like provider-hosted add-ins.

SharePoint development or integration is difficult. This applies to systems or softwares developed by any software development company in UAE are complex in their own way. They just have to be analysed and practised upon more regularly. With proper usage SharePoint can bring out the best solution for your company.