Why ASP.Net Core is the Best Choice for Enterprise Web Applications?
Why ASP.Net Core is the Best Choice for Enterprise Web Applications?

ASP.NET Core is a Microsoft Technology Solution that is also a cross-platform and open-source version of ASP.NET for building modern, cloud-based and web-based applications. It can run on macOS, Linux and Windows. 

ASP.NET can provide a stable and supported platform for applications while allowing runtime components, APIs, compilers and languages to evolve quickly. Multiple apps can adopt multiple versions of ASP.NET and each version can exist side by side on the same server.  

The major draw of ASP.NET Core is that it can support various lifecycle options based on the needs of the app. There is a choice for long-term support release or run with the latest release if you are intending to upgrade more often. 

Another advantage of using ASP.NET core as the development platform for companies providing ASP.NET Development Services is that you can develop Web applications, Desktop applications, Cloud-native applications, mobile applications, gaming applications, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

ASP.NET has also made considerable progress in making sure that it offers enhanced web applications performance compared to its predecessors or other competitive frameworks. For instance, ASP.NET has eliminated wasting of precious resources like the need to have a computer processing unit(cycles) that need to be waiting for database queries, web service calls, and IO operations by making full use of asynchronous programming modules. Also, ASP.NET Core was designed using a bottom to top approach, unifying both the MVC and WebAPI frameworks.

ASP.NET is much more lightweight and fast because it has removed its dependency on IIS and other excess baggage like preload of third party libraries. There are also other factors improving performance like improved capability with output caching. 

There are many more advantages for ASP.NET MVC Development Company by using ASP.NET Core but to cut it short ASP.NET Core will not disappoint and it’s constantly evolving on areas where it is lacking.