ASP.NET vNEXT Transforming App Development
ASP.NET vNEXT Transforming App Development

The web development ecosystem keeps changing every year. But Microsoft’s ASP.NET always managed to evolve itself to address and overcome the challenges of that change. Since its inception, ASP.NET has been known for its capacity to deliver high performance applications. According to software development Dubai, ASP is still the most widely preferred development framework in the Middle East.

What is ASP.NET vNEXT?

ASP.NET vNEXT is the name given to ASP.NET 5, and is said to be completely refined and polished from the ground up. ASP.NET vNEXT has already started to transform ASP.NET development by delivering apps that are scalable, economic (in a cloud environment), and better in all accounts in addition to consuming low resources.

What makes ASP.NET vNEXT unique?

For starters, the vNEXT’s stack itself is designed from the ground up to be asynchronous, modular, and extensible. It brings a number of changes to ASP.NET development as well.

Change in app development models - ASP.NET developers, for a long time, have been seeking a way to make the same code pattern run properly in various technologies. ASP.NET vNEXT made it possible with a combination of MVC, Web Pages, Web API, SignalR etc. into one framework. This means system.web won’t be needed much.

Change in CLR version - A cloud optimized CoreCLR version that generates high output at a low memory cost, is actually possible with ASP.NET vNEXT. This also means that ASP.NET vNEXT applications will be simpler to deploy even across multiple platforms without conflicting with the various versions of CoreCLR. However, this decision need to be made in the beginning phase of development so as not to include full CLR dependencies to the code.

New compiler - The Roslyn compiler is what vNEXT uses, as it’s comparatively faster and provides run and edit features. Because it’s an open source compiler, deploying binaries while compiling isn’t necessary. ASP.NET vNEXT features changes in the compiler’s toolset.

Cloud-ready environment - Though this cloud-optimized framework takes away the access to some APIs, it does provide enough merits to make up for the drawback. A copy of the CoreCLR can be included with the website, which means there is no need to upgrade .NET in the machine for a single website.

To conclude, the technology certainly comes packed with a plethora of merits that can transform application development. Considering the fact that it’s open source, and the likelihood of getting more features via updates, ASP.NET vNEXT will be considered as one of the most impressive technologies to be introduced in ASP.NET development in recent times.