Why ASP.NET is the Best Choice for Web Development
Why ASP.NET is the Best Choice for Web Development

Over the years, simple HTML websites evolved into dynamic web pages that can catch the attention of anyone surfing by. While Python and Ruby on Rails take some credit for this kind of web development evolution, they are still not believed to be more preferable than ASP.NET. ASP.NET development has a consistently developing community ever since Microsoft released it in 2002. 

As ASP.NET was built on the CLR (Common Language Runtime), the developers can use any language supported by .NET to build feature-rich websites and web-centric applications.

Here are a few reasons why ASP.NET is the best choice for web development.

Faster Application Execution

Since it’s a server side scripting language. So it is first processed on the server before it’s displayed on the web browser. This considerably speeds up application execution. 

Less Coding

Basically, you don’t need to do a lot of coding with ASP.NET when you are a developing a large, sophisticated web application compared to other tools. This effectively minimizes the project development time, while cutting development costs. 

Customizable Class Library

It features a wide class library. It allows developers to make use of existing server controls and even tweak them when necessary.

Support Multiple languages

ASP.NET supports a number of widely used languages including C#, VB.NET, JScript etc. The developers can choose any with respect to their development needs. 

Primary Web Standards Support

It also supports popular web standards like CSS, XML etc.

Easy to Update

ASP.NET allows developers to update even a deployed application without requiring a server restart. 

Reliable and Secure

ASP.NET’s high level of security is evident due to its built-in Windows authentication and security features in addition to application configuration options. 

Great Application Performance

The high performance of applications built with ASP.NET owes it to the caching of frequently requested web pages, compilation and native optimization.

Though there is a lot of disagreement on ASP.NET being a top contender in web development, the fact is that it’s still one of the most widely used tools for developing websites for businesses.