Best Practices to Hire Capable ASP.NET Developers
Best Practices to Hire Capable ASP.NET Developers

Back in 2002 when ASP.NET was first released, the tech realm did not expect it to become one of the best Microsoft technology solutions available within a short time period. ASP.NET extends the .NET platform’s capabilities with a number of tools and libraries specifically for building engaging applications. 

The framework is now widely used across a number of sectors including but not limited to:

  • Web, mobile, and desktop application development
  • Microservices architecture
  • Desktop, mobile, and console video games
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud services 

It’s also one of the most preferred platforms for many companies offering enterprise application services. Its demand for web app development has made it crucial for businesses investing in web apps to be cautious when hiring ASP.NET developers. 

Hiring ASP.NET developers

Organizations employ different tactics to test the skills of candidates claiming proficiency in ASP.NET. This article isn’t about those organizations being wrong in their approach to hire ASP.NET developers. Instead, we are providing a few best practices that an organization should take into account before testing potential candidates for the job. 

  1. Organizations who employ phone/video interviews should put in some extra effort to test the technical skills of candidates. Companies in the Middle East offering ASP.NET development services generally shortlist candidates via phone/video interviews which is considered quite convenient by most parties involved. It’s important to understand the candidate’s background and expertise. The questions should be based on the specific skills required for the job. But deep expertise in ASP.NET MVC is vital.
  2. Online coding tests should be employed to evaluate not only the coding skills and code quality of the candidate but also his/her knowledge in libraries and frameworks. The tests should have tasks that match the responsibilities of the job the candidate will be handling once appointed. This step is also important to determine how the candidate faces and overcomes coding challenges. 
  3. There should also be a method to assess the candidate’s experience level. If the candidate claims to have experience handling large-scale projects with tremendous amounts of data, this means the candidate would be capable of overcoming any challenges in IT projects regardless of the scale. This claim should be further probed. Ideally, the best ASP.NET developers would have interest in participating in conferences and programming meetups. This also means that they are likely aware of all new trends and industry best practices.

ASP.NET development isn’t an easy job even for experienced developers. It’s unwise to hire developers without properly evaluating their skillset and testing their claims of great experience and expertise.