3 Fundamental Microsoft Cloud Services that are in Demand
3 Fundamental Microsoft Cloud Services that are in Demand

Enterprise cloud computing solutions is a computing model where enterprise can use digital resources from a public or private cloud services provider on a use as you go model. These comprises servers, computing power, storage, virtualization capabilities and networking infrastructure.

Microsoft is one of the major cloud technology platforms that enterprises use. The host of cloud services offered by the IT major include SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

The following are some of Microsoft's most in-demand cloud technology platforms

1. Microsoft Azure 

Azure is a Microsoft technology solution offered as a PaaS and IaaS service. This solution offers a hybrid cloud solution unlike other cloud providers that offers only either public cloud or their own data centers.

Hybrid cloud solutions are reputed to offer more efficient and economic measures in storage, backup and data recovery.

2. Enterprise Mobility Suite  

The Enterprise Mobility Suite from Microsoft allows users to leverage other existing technologies from Microsoft including Windows Intune, MS Azure Active Directory Premium and MS Azure Rights Management to help manage different devices from a single environment. Although only recently launched it is fast gaining popularity among enterprises and smaller organizations seeking hybrid cloud management services with robust security.    

3. MS Visual Studio

MS Visual Studio in the cloud is best suited for developers who want to efficiently manage code, as well as their work and builds on the cloud. Users can also install the Multi-Device Hybrid apps extension o build apps for Windows, iOS and Android devices with their standard web technologies and Apache Cordova. 

MS Visual Studio users can debug, edit, deploy projects, and manage project architecture along with ALM improvements more productively on the cloud.