Why Microsoft Stack Is Still Awesome
Why Microsoft Stack Is Still Awesome

Microsoft developers have been enjoying a great deal working with a plethora of Microsoft technology solutions for over a decade. Back in those days, businesses were happy to leverage Microsoft technologies to remain competent. But then the tech leader kind of missed the cultural and technological shift to mobile, and was soon overshadowed by the likes of iPhones and the Android. 

But despite the proliferation of everything mobile as well as open source technologies, Microsoft still is one of the toughest in the technology race. With Azure, they've already dominated the cloud sector. 

Let's explore a few reasons why Microsoft Stack is still one of the best choices even in this age where there are plenty of alternatives.

.NET remains at the top

Introduced over a year ago, .NET is a battle-tested framework that withstood the test of time like a walk in the park. .NET supports a wide array of development tasks out of the box while the .NET API is consistent and used by millions. It's knowledge-base is ever expanding in the form of MSDN, StackOverflow, and various forums, and tech blogs. Today, the .NET Core is also open source which pretty much indicates that Microsoft took back what they lost and is back at the front of the race. 

The evolution of ASP.NET

The front-end of the Microsoft Stack, ASP.NET underwent multiple evolutions over the years. It now features a powerful authentication infrastructure and efficiently integrates with a number of non-Microsoft technologies including but not limited to AngularJS and Bootstrap. The ASP.NET framework is open source as well, and its increasing list of benefits is just one factor that increased the demand for ASP.NET development services today. 

Microsoft doesn't easily let go of their failing products

A couple of years back, Microsoft Silverlight was all the buzz as a reliable front-end for an application. But then things changed. The mobile revolution and the subsequent domination of JavaScript frameworks in the front-end space left Silverlight as an option that was no longer feasible. 

Yet Microsoft decided to support the dying technology through to 2021. For developers who cannot predict what technology will dominate the software space, Microsoft's continuous support for older yet prominent solutions is a great thing indeed. The company invests time and money in all their technologies even if the said technologies are not favored by the community. 

Even today, leading companies in the software development UAE sector recommends Microsoft Stack which is a testament to the fact that Microsoft Stack still is awesome.