Everything Cool About Visual Studio 2019
Everything Cool About Visual Studio 2019

.NET managed to retain its popularity and demand for years without a lot of effort. ASP.NET development services is still a flourishing industry despite technological advancements and the advent of seemingly tougher rivals. All of this leads us to assume that .NET is something that the community can’t easily let go of. 

We have Microsoft to thank for introducing to the world one of the best game-changing Microsoft Technology solutions in the last few decades – the .NET framework. Apart from .NET, Microsoft also gave us Visual Studio – a platform that enhances developer productivity in more ways than one. 

Microsoft recently showed us a preview of Visual Studio 2019 and its many improvements that are expected to optimize developer productivity and team collaboration. 

Here are 4 of its many exciting, new features.

All new start window

Visual Studio 2019’s new start window offers options to open a project/local folder, clone or check out code, and create a new project obviously. Visual Studio users including beginners can get to code quickly as the options are presented in a simple dialog.

Improved search

Once known as Quick Launch, the search experience in Visual Studio has been vastly improved reportedly making it faster and more effective. Search results now also include keyboard commands that can be easily memorized. In addition, the search results dynamically appear now as you type. The improved feature now makes it easier to find anything the Visual Studio user is looking for; be it commands, documentation, settings etc. 

Visual Studio Live Share

Visual Studio Live Share facilitates instant bidirectional collaboration between a developer and a teammate from within Visual Studio. It allows one to share codebase and its context enabling the teammate to read, navigate, and debug them seamlessly.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

IntelliCode is a great extension that improves software development with .NET by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). The extension can train across 2000 GitHub open source projects to generate recommendations. In addition, it enhances productivity by delivering context-aware code completions, help developers stay true to the patterns and styles of their team, identify code issues etc. 


Covering all of the new features and improvements of Visual Studio 2019 is one big challenge. The bottom-line is that Visual Studio is still focused on delivering the best development experience to developers regardless of their expertise. No wonder why it’s a favorite for companies offering Agile software development services. Microsoft is reportedly taking feedback from the community to make further adjustments to the IDE before the official release.