5 Challenges Faced During Custom Software Development and Their Solutions.
5 Challenges Faced During Custom Software Development and Their Solutions.

Software development is influenced by multiple factors, such as market conditions, growing complexities, updates in technology trends, and growing challenges faced during software development.

A competent software development company would have to face some major challenges to develop a roadmap to develop an efficient software program. Here are some major challenges faced by companies and their solutions.    

1.      Vague and Ever-shifting Software Requirements

Collecting all the customer requirements helps to build a foundation of a software project. Vague requirements results in a weak product as well. Same applies to estimation of cost and time. With the software industry being dynamic in nature the needs of the customer changes over time. This also leads to an increased development time and cost.


Before starting development process and adding new features, think for a while. What exactly do you want? Document the basic features and functionalities that you have to integrate in to your app. If you rely on a custom software company in Dubai, they will ask numerous queries to ensure that they completely understand your requirements. Conduct an extensive market research to know the features and trends that is best suited for your product.

2.      Technology Stack Issues

After the product requirements are completely clarified and communicated and the plan is approved, the next move is to shortlist the technology stack. The development team has a

Tough time rightly identifying the technologies that should be included to perform the necessary tasks. The next logical step is to make sure that the intended product can integrate well with the legacy software employed. Finally it is essential to stay updated with the latest development trends so that the implementation process becomes useful.


During the development process, you have to lean on expert advice to make the right choice in terms of tech stacks which can meet the latest industry standards and integrates with your project requirements. Thus, you will not be required to search for another technology stack mid-way through your project when the stack that you have chosen prove to be inadequate.

3.       Inefficient Project Management

Issues that come up with Project Management and its solutions are of extreme importance that should be given ample attention throughout.

A competent project manager can easily balance quality with speed and performance and prevent multi-tasking to the least minimum. Some organizations decide to bring a dedicated project manager responsible for decision making and who have the right to exercise control over the project progress.

But a major drawback of this strategy is that it functions well enough only if the project manager along with the entire team are in the same location, which is highly unlikely these days.


To escape from adjustability issues, have in mind the end-to-end product development. If you wish to escape from this strategy, along with the project manager, you should seek out a dedicated software development team to the process. The project manager will know how to deal with the entire process as per the requirements.   

4.      Confidentiality of Information  

With the list of software development companies that suit your needs the next step would be to share your business idea with them which itself would be an overwhelming task. If the people who you have chosen are somebody you don’t trust, sharing your idea might be risk-ridden.


A fool proof solution to this dilemma would be a non-disclosure agreement. It is a legal contract between two parties, defining the boundaries of trust, the information to be shared as well as the extent of confidentiality. Upon breach of the contract legal actions may be instigated.


Upon hiring an incompetent company, you will have to face either of the above-listed issues. Therefore due diligence should be undertaken. Hence you will have to invest an extensive amount of time searching for the right custom software company in Dubai.