5 Software Development Trends that will Soon Dominate the Tech Industry.
5 Software Development Trends that will Soon Dominate the Tech Industry.

Every software professional in software companies in Dubai knows the significance of staying at the top of their game as well as the trends in the industry. To stay relevant, it is important to know the present as well as look into the future. Here are a few trends that will redefine software development soon.

1.  Less is more

The popularity of Low code/no-code will likely continue. Computing has been shifting from yesterday’s assembly languages and compiled software to today’s modern low-code/ no-code solutions. With these solutions, custom software development in Dubai can look forward to their digital transformation without a technical resource at each step.

2. User Experience Always Matters

User experience of the design counts the most than ever before. Across the globe, companies are redefining customer engagement models to adapt better to the evolving circumstances thrown by the pandemic. User-experience led software design is important for reimagining customer-facing products and services in ways that enable software development companies in UAE to maintain and recapture business in today’s all-digital environments.

3. Native Mobile Application Development Language

Native mobile development languages like Kotlin and Swift and programming languages focused on increasing product speed, memory safety and parallelism (ex: Rust) are going to see brighter prospects. This prospect is associated with the increasing demands of users for app quality, personalization, and speed.

4. Cloud Integration for E-Commerce Apps

Cloud integration will see increasing prioritization for e-commerce platforms. Many cloud-based e-commerce platforms have witnessed that failure to merge with outside services will mean that business owners will shift to more convenient stores. Users want to have as many options available as possible to optimize their cloud platforms.

5. Serverless Computing

Serverless computing model as a disruptive architectural method has seen a rising popularity in the recent years. Today, it is one of the cloud services models for software development witnessing rapid growth and will likely continue to dominate the industry. This is due to rapid application development without the challenges of server management, and operation can be scaled quickly.