Trends of Enterprise Application Development to Follow in 2021.
Trends of Enterprise Application Development to Follow in 2021.

Mobile apps has become an essential part of the modern enterprise infrastructure using the benefits the mobile technology has to offer to optimize and control business activities. As the world had to move to remote work with the corona virus the importance of the mobile technologies catapulted becoming the single most method of business operation.  Here are the latest trends in enterprise application development. 

1.      Software Personalization


This is a rising trend in software development in Dubai. Here content is customized based on user characteristics and behaviour. With enterprise application development the apps are designed to fit in the unique work routines of the enterprise. For instance for a transportation and logistics company user bases include warehouse managers, storekeepers and drivers. Each of them requires different dashboards to track their progress and has different workflows that has to be streamlined in order to match organisational goals. Moreover each department requires different permission policies. Hence it is important for the employees to have access to necessary data for the work to progress.  


2.      Mobile App Usability    


As any common mobile application, enterprise software too should be useful and serve the purpose. Not all employees are equally tech savvy hence it is important for the application to be navigable for everyone in the organisation. Also, you don’t want to spend much time teaching new recruits to fill out the right fields to ensure that the analytics are not corrupted.


You need a robust technology to run your enterprise mobile app- complex and well-built on the back-end and simple and usable on the front-end. Hence for this reason it is always advisable to build a customized application for your company rather than buying an off the counter solution from a software development company in Dubai.


 The application should enable collaboration, seamless information exchange, simple to implement, integrate and support. With an outside service provider who is responsive to the average needs of the market, satisfying all of the requirements unique to your processes will be the service provider’s capacity and software development speed.


With custom software development, the application will be developed by the Software Company in Dubai based on your requirements and preferences. There should be regular monitoring of how easy it is for your user to engage with the app and upgrade it with the changing company processes.


3.      Data Protection and User Privacy


Today’s enterprise mobile application have to make sure that corporate data is protected from various risks and data leakages such as

·         Personal use of mobile/cloud applications by employees

·         Corporate data leakage through unmanaged mobile/cloud application

·         Malware attacks.

·         Device theft or loss

Enterprise solutions should provide an unparalleled level of security, irrespective of devices usage policy. The level of security should also extend to personal information of the employee because employees personal and professional data should not crossover to each other’s domain.


Enterprise web applications should be effective for business, scalable and user-friendly. They have to serve customer needs and move their enterprise to the next stage.

Ultimately, their primary objective is the optimization of their business processes, resources including time and, as a result the growth of the company’s revenues.